Humanizing technology through design
17 – 19
giugno 2021
“Humanizing technology through design” è stata una conferenza, della durata di tre giorni, alle OGR Torino, che ha fatto il punto sulle migliori pratiche internazionali dell’oggi per l’umanizzazione della tecnologia attraverso le voci di designer, aziende del settore, ricercatori e istituzioni.
Tre giorni di talk e seminari articolati in 6 sessioni tematiche, con 34 ospiti internazionali per fornire nuove visioni e strumenti di innovazione.
La conferenza è stata curata da Jan-Christoph Zoels e diretta da Sara Fortunati.
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“Humanizing technology through design” was a three-day conference, held at OGR
. It dealt with the best international practices of today about the humanization of technology by casting light on the experiences of designers, sector companies, researchers, and institutions.
Three days of talks and seminars divided into six different thematic sessions, with 34 international guests, to provide brand new visions and innovation tools.
The conference was curated by Jan-Christoph Zoels and directed by Sara Fortunati.
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Day 1
giovedì 17 giugno

Opening session — Ethic and technology

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Opening greetings

— Guido Bolatto

Secretary General of Torino Chamber of Commerce

— Alberto Anfossi

Secretary General of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

— Massimo Lapucci

CEO at OGR Torino

— Jan-Christoph Zoels

Curator of the conference, Co-Founder, Partner & Creative Director of Experientia

Sara Fortunati

Director of Circolo del Design

Scenario Speech
Ethics - or something else?

— Molly Wright Steenson

Senior Associate Dean for Research, College of Fine Arts and Carnegie Mellon University

Scenario Speech
Ethics, caught between two worlds

— Marco Steinberg

Founder & CEO of Snowcone & Haystack

Scenario Speech
The Face of Technology
The humanity of digital condition

— Don Luca Peyron

Director of Apostolato Digitale

Local Player
Digital Revolution and Humanism

Christian Greco

Director of Museo Egizio

Humanizing Public Services through Design

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The City as Home of emerging technologies

— Marco Pironti

Deputy Mayor for Innovation and Smart city - Municipality of Turin

Scenario Speech
Humanizing Public Services Through Design
When design takes the form of democratic engagement and serves the common good

— Sabine Junginger

PhD, Head of Competence Center Design & Management, University of Applied Sciences and Arts Lucerne

Case Study
The digital transformations of Italian citizens
From a small community to the entire population: learnings at scale

— Roberta Tassi

Founder and design lead of oblo, Professor of Service Design and Interaction Design at Politecnico di Milano

Case Study
Accessibility of Public Digital Services

— Claudio Celeghin

Head of the "Web Development and Communities" Service of the Agency for Digital Italy (AGID)

Day 2
venerdì 18 giugno

Humanizing Healthcare through Design

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Humanization and Digitalization: the cornerstones of contemporary pediatric oncology after the pandemic

— Franca Fagioli

Head of Pediatric Oncology and Director of Child Care and Pathology Dept. at Ospedale Infantile Regina Margherita in Turin

Scenario Speech
Humanising healthcare by Design

— Marta Lago

EU lead for Patient Experience & Solution Design at Amgen

Case Study
The importance of dialogue in healthcare technology design

— Andrea Bolioli

Research & Innovation Manager, CELI - H-FARM Innovation

Humanizing AI through Design

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Artificial Intelligence in the museum environment

— Giovanni Squillero

Associate Professor at Politecnico di Torino - “Art-ificial Intelligence in support of Museums” Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo

Scenario Speech
Behind every great AI there’s a great Human
How to design AI products responsibly, and why that matters

— Ruth Kikin Gil

Responsible AI strategist. Senior Designer at Microsoft

Case Study
Six design rules to humanize an AI

—Alessandro Galetto

General Manager Global at Sketchin

Case Study
Senseable Cities

— Carlo Ratti

Director at MIT Senseable City Lab, Co-founder of CRA

Following Humans


Day 3
sabato 19 giugno

Humanizing Mobility through Design

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OGR Tech - a mix of skills to support the growth of companies and innovation
Smart Mobility from OGR Tech's perspective

— Matteo Pessione

Fondazione CRT and OGR Tech Coordinator. Professor of Management and Marketing, University of Turin

Scenario Speech
Mobility Experiences for Humans

— Thomas J. Stovicek

Head of User Experience at Volvo Cars

Scenario Speech
Humanizing Innovation Beyond America's Best Selling Vehicle

— Sandy Fershee

Global Innovation and Design Executive Director D-Ford Detroit Lab Ford Motor Company

Case Study
Mobility, body and time

— Federico Parolotto

Partner and owner MIC Mobility In Chain, Milan

Case Study
Reframing Mobility Design

— Lowie Vermeersch

CEO & Creative Director at Granstudio

Humanizing Learning through Design

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Education and technique

— Juan Carlos De Martin

Vice Dean for Culture and Communication at Politecnico di Torino

Scenario Speech
Humanising Education through Design
Embracing nonlinear and iterative Learning Paths by Design

— Jan Eckert

Head of the Design Unit at Gothenburg University

Case Study
Making Space for Grace in Technology
Empathy > Efficiency

— Hector Ouilhet

Head of Human Centered Innovation & Strategy at Google, USA

Case Study
Zero +
The prototype of a new school

— Stefano Mirti

Designer and teacher

Case Study
Design strategies for social-ecological transformation

— Kris Krois

Head of MA in Eco-Social Design and Associate Professor at Free University of Bozen

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